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Sybil Leedom De Vries
January 1, 1903

June 13, 1900 Census, Beaver Township, Morocco Town, Newton County Indiana lists Henry F Leedom, age 30, born February 1870, married 6 years and living on State Street.  He was born in Ohio and his parents were also born in Ohio.  His occupation is listed as Physician.

Henry is married to Emily, age 26, born October 1873.  They have 2 children both are living.  Emily was born in England and her parents were also born in England.

Their two children are Vera M, age 4, born July 1895 in Ohio; and Verna G, age 10/12, born July 1999 in Indiana.

April 20, 1910 Census, Beaver Township, Morocco Town, Newton County Indiana lists Henry F Leedom, age 42, widower living on Chestnut Street.  Physician.

Their four daughters are Vera M, age 14, born in Ohio; Verna G, age 10, born in Indiana; Verona F, age 9, born in Indiana; and Veronal S, age 7, born in Indiana.  Their father listed as being born in Ohio, and their mother born in England.

January 17, 1920 Census, Beaver Township, Morocco Town, Newton County Indiana lists Henry F Leedom, age 51 and his wife Albina, age 37, born in Nebraska with her parents being born in Indiana.  His occupation is Doctor, Medicine.

Their children are Sybil, age 17, born in Indiana, father born in Ohio, and mother born in England; Kathryn, age 7, born in Indiana , father born in Ohio, and mother born in Nebraska; Warren, age 2/12, born in Indiana, father born in Ohio, and mother born in Nebraska.


April 7, 1930 Census, Kearney City, Buffalo, Nebraska shows Henry F Leedom, age 62, living with wife Clara A, age 47, daughter Kathryn, age 17, and son Warren F, age 10, at (looks like) 1312 Twenty Second Street.  Henry’s occupation is listed as Practicing Medicine.


April 19, 1930 Census shows Barnard, age 54, Aggie, age 54, Raymond, age 19, Ida, age 17, Woodrow, age 15, and Sadie, age 33.  Sadie's occupation is bookkeeper, general office.  The family still lives at 322 W 107th Street, Chicago, Cook, IL.  Year of immigration for Barney is 1892 and 1887 for Aggie.  Barney's occupation is Laundryman, for a Laundry.

Also listed at 322 W 107th Street is Peter DeVries, age 32, Sybil (Sybal), age 27, and Emily, age (looks like 4/12).  Paying rent of $25 a month.  Peter's occupation is Chauffeur, for Dairy Company.  Peter’s age at first marriage is 24 and Sybil's is 21.  The census shows Sybil being born in Indiana, her father in Ohio, and her mother in England.


The Census’ are for the most very informative.  However, some of the Census takers did not take their job seriously.  There are many misspellings and omitted information.  The handwriting sometimes is almost unreadable.  Many didn’t care how they spelled a last or first name or they wrote down what they thought they heard.  For the immigrants, the misspellings are much worse because of how the immigrants pronounced their names.  As the years went by, people changed their first names to their middle names, etc.

The 1890 Census was almost completely destroyed by fire.  That is a great lose.  The 1940 Census will not be available until 2012.  The Census information must be 72 years old before it is released to the public.


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